How To Get Self Motivated

5 Simple Steps on How To Get Self Motivated

   Whether you are looking to create change or make progress, how to get self motivated is a great question you should ask yourself. I commend you for looking into this. Many people have the false belief that the way they are now, is how they will always be. This isn’t true. From my personal experience and the experience of many clients I have worked with, becoming motivated is very possible. Before we discuss self motivation however, I think it is important to understand motivation in general.

   Motivation can be defined as something that encourages or nudges you into the right direction. Let’s face it, all of us could use a good nudge everyone once in awhile. Some of us, like myself, could use a strong push. Motivation is like pushing a ball down a hill. Your habits are that ball as it begins to develop speed, momentum, and roll on it’s own. Good habits are what we are looking to achieve for you but first let’s find you that push. 

   Self motivation, in my opinion, is far greater than motivation in general. Which is why this article is on how to get self motivated and not how to get motivated. Motivation requires something outside of yourself or external to get you going. This is good but you may not always have that thing with you. If music is motivating for you, you may find yourself in a setting where music isn’t appropriate. If motivational videos are your thing, you may find yourself without internet access. The beauty about self motivation however, is that you always take you with you wherever you go. Self motivation also builds discipline. Discipline is a great topic that we’ll discuss in another article and video as well. Discipline in summary however, does not require motivation or inspiration to accomplish a task. Discipline does what is needed to be done because it is needed to be done. The habits you build through self motivation will transfer well into discipline. 

                                                                                     *Bonus Tip*

   One good way to build discipline is to make your bed daily. Maybe you hated this chore growing up. Maybe you still do. It turns out however, this chore wasn’t just to impress guest or teach us tidiness. Making your bed despite whether you are feeling tired, running late, or laying back down shortly encourages you to complete a task without motivation. This in return teaches us discipline.

   Before we begin, it’s important to remember that self motivation doesn’t have to originate with you. Motivation can be learned from somewhere else and then become a part of you. I call this adopting motivation. A great example of this is told by motivation speaker David Goggins. David Goggins is a Navy Seal, Ultra Marathoner, Guinness Record Pull Up holder, and much much more. He wasn’t always the man we see today however, and he openly shares of this. One motivational tool he used when he was struggling was the famous Rocky film. David would think of Rocky versus Apollo Creed in round 14. In this round Rocky is getting beat badly and everyone is encouraging him to give up. Rocky holds on however and becomes the first boxer to go the distance with Apollo. David would remember this scene and think of it during difficult and quit worthy instances in his life. He adopted this external motivator and made it his own.

Alright, let’s get into how to get self motivated. Let’s get into the 5 simple steps to get motivated.

How to get self motivated

5 Simple Steps To Get Self Motivated

1. Have A Goal

Having a goal is the foundation of your self motivation. Have a clear understanding of what it is you want to accomplish and what accomplishing it should look like. If your goal is to gain or lose weight, know what your eating habits and daily routine should look like. Be specific!

2. Envision Yourself Accomplishing Your Goal

What does accomplishing your goal look like? How does it feel? Think about what it will be like after you accomplish your goal and then compare that to how it will be if you don’t. Whenever you are feeling unmotivated to work on your goal, remind yourself of this.

3. Remove Distractions

Remove any people, places, or things that can get in the way of you accomplishing your goal. Remember we are working on self motivation because we already have a problem accomplishing our goals. We don’t need the help of anything else slowing us down or holding us back.

4. Talk To Yourself

Society has done a horrible job creating the stigma that talking to yourself means that you are mentally unstable. Studies actually show that talking to yourself is a sign of high intelligence. I believe this is because talking to yourself places you outside of your behaviors and gives you the opportunity to motivate yourself to change. Start by telling yourself positive things in the mirror, like I am smart or attractive. Then encourage yourself to keep going, ask yourself what you learned from a mistake, and provide yourself with answers.

5. Enjoy The Process More Than The End Result

This is big. Many of us put so much emphasis on the end result that we forget to enjoy the process of getting there. If you enjoy the process of accomplishing tasks, then the end result will occur naturally. If you only enjoy the end, then you may struggle staying motivated getting there. Find pleasure in knowing that you working on your goals. Find pleasure in knowing that you are doing what others are unwilling to do. Find pleasure in knowing that you are doing what you were once unwilling to do.

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By Jordan Joachim,

Writer, Group Facilitator


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