How much should therapy cost

A Guide to Proper Counseling Cost

How much should therapy cost

   You’ve decided that you are ready to start working on yourself. Bravo to you! The next question you may ask yourself is how much should therapy cost? You’re not wrong for asking. In fact, this is a very important question. Maybe even more important than you realize. Don’t get me wrong, you should primarily be searching for a therapist that best meets your needs. Although, knowing how much should therapy cost can help lead you to the right counselor.

                                                                                     Why is Cost Important?

   Perspective can allow you to see this in two different ways. Both ways are correct. Cost can be important because of what you can afford. Cost can also be important because it can reveal value.  You’ve decided to receive therapy because you know it’s importance. Knowing it’s importance, you know it is crucial that you commit to the process. Cost plays an important role in how much you commit.

   As with physical health, we have found that clients commit to more expensive therapy sessions like gym members do more expensive gyms. If a therapy session is more expensive, you are more likely to fully involve yourself in the process and get the most out of it. Like cheap gym memberships, many find themselves not as motivated to be there or skipping sessions entirely. Of course, your financial situation will determine what is the limit for you. What may motivate you, may not be enough for others. A good rule of thumb is to seek out an amount that is high enough for you to place large importance on, but low enough to where it is not causing you financial stress. That would be counterproductive.

   Value, unlike cost is determined by the buyer not seller. While a therapist sets their cost, you will determine their value. You will look at a therapist and decide whether they are of high or low value. You will look at their website, read about their approach, and observe their cost. If their cost is much lower than other therapist, you will assume they are of lesser value. If their price is much higher, you will assume they are of higher value. This is not always the case but you should ask yourself, why would a good therapist work for less than they deserve? When someone is of high value, their cost will typically reflect that. Questions you also should ask yourself are will a therapist being forced to carry a larger case load due to cheaper fees be able to focus on me? Is this therapist being overworked and burnt out? Does this therapist see value in themselves and if not, why should I? 


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How Much Should Therapy Cost?

Grow Again Counseling provides Online Therapy for the State Florida. Florida is an interesting state as it holds some of the lowest and highest rates in the country. On average, the median rate for therapy is around $90. This is the average rate for the average therapist but what about a therapist of higher value. Higher valued therapist start around $120 and have even been seen to go up to $250 per session.

We believe in high value therapy as it provides the best service for clients and encourages therapists to be more efficient. We also believe that most in the State of Florida would struggle financially to pay $250 per session. For this reason, we sought out a balance and found what we believe to be the perfect number to encourage healthy and commitment full therapy.

For induvial sessions, we charge a rate of $130 per session. This amount encourages the client to commit to the process and assists the therapist from burning out.

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*Grow Again Counseling, LLC does not accept payment from any insurance providers. We accept cash pay clients via credit card or online payment.

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By Jordan Joachim,

Writer, Group Facilitator


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