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Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms and General Anxiety Symptoms are commonly confused. Understanding the difference is essential in solving the problem.

Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Some of the common Social Anxiety Disorder symptoms include an increased heart rate, sweating, trembling, body tension, difficulty breathing, and trouble concentrating. This is similar to General Anxiety Disorder, except Social Anxiety comes from social situations. Follow along as we explain this in better detail.

Physical Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Physical Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

While anxiety starts in the mind, it doesn’t end there. The body is all connected and informs us of our anxiety physically. 

  • Heart Rate

         One of the most common symptoms is an increased heart rate. This is your bodies natural response to fear. You are now in fight or flight mode.

  • Sweating

         Heavy sweating can be embarrassing and realizing this can worsen your anxiety. This is due to nervous system responding to the stimuli of fear. 

  • Trembling/Shaking        
         Adrenaline has been released and your body wants to react. Instead of fighting or running however, we are staying in place and shaking.

  • Body Tension  
         As our oxygen restricts and our blood vessels constrict, our bodies tighten up. This can be felt in the chest, face, hands, and many other places.
  • Difficulty Breathing      
         While it may feel as if you are having less air, you are actually breathing more or over breathing. Your body is taking quick and short breaths as it prepares to run. Staying still however, makes this breathing difficult.

Mental Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

What’s worst feeling this way or realizing that you are feeling this way. Anxiety can be set to repeat when it is stuck in the mind.

Mental Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms​
  • Difficulty Concentrating

         Adrenaline is not here to help us think. It is here to help us react to our instincts. It can become very difficult to remember, think, or even talk as we normally do.

  • Fear of Being Judged

        We fear what we do not know and we do not know what others are thinking of us. For this reason, we worry about whether we are being judged or made fun of.

  • Fear of Public Places

        Realizing that being afraid of one person brings great discomfort, tells us that a crowd is virtually impossible. 

  • Fear of People We Are Attracted To

        Whether it’s the opposite or same sex, people that we find attractive can bring great anxiety. We may find ourselves uncomfortable being near these people and avoid relationships all together.

  • Fear of Successful People

        If we are afraid of being judged, we naturally place fear on people that we believe would judge. We assume that these people will spot our mediocrity and make us feel ashamed.

Wrong Things To Do

Wrong Things To Do

We are correct and looking to solve our problems but the method we choose is very important. Here are some common poor choices.

  • Abusing A Substance

         Alcohol is commonly referred to as liquid strength but strength comes from facing problems not hiding. Like all substances, this does not cure our problem. It may even create more!

  • Hiding

         While there is a time to rest and get grounded. Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms are not cured by locking ourselves up inside the house. 

  • Ignoring It

         Your body is communicating with you and ignoring it is not getting the message. The more we try to suppress, the more the body works to remind us.

  • Giving Up

           You are not the only person to have experienced and you too can share how you overcame it. Don’t give up, give yourself a chance to get better. It is more than possible.


What Can You Do

What Can You Do

Now you are asking the right question and congratulation, you are already past the first step!

  • Personal Research

         By doing research and reading articles such as this, you are starting your journey of understanding and conquering your Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms.

  • Understand Yourself

         Rather than hide or suppress your feelings, understand them. Listen to your body and realize what and why it is communicating this message. 

  • Remind Yourself

         Once you understand what and why it is happening. Remind your body and mind that it is safe. If you don’t need to run or fight, remind your body that this is a time for peace. Some extra tips to do this is by breathing exercises, grounding ourselves, or meditating.

  • Talk To A Professional 

          You don’t have to do this alone, in fact it would be better if you talked to a professional. Obtain a better understanding of what and why this happening and conquer it for good.


Important Tips To Remember

  • Your body is in fight or flight
  • Your mind believes you are being judged
  • Don’t suppress or hide this feeling
  • Remind yourself that you are safe
  • Talk to someone about it

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By: Jordan Joachim

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