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Online Therapy, Saving Time and Lives

   We’ve made it our mission to provide therapy for everyone. After experiencing therapy’s life changing effects, we became firm believers in it. Therapy did more than help us to overcome our battles and darkest hours. Therapy gave us a new outlook in life and encouraged us to become successful. We wanted to share this gift with everyone. We realized that not everyone has insurance or the flexibility in their schedule to get help. That is why we turned to the limitless potential of the internet.

   We opened our online therapy service first in Florida. Through virtual therapy, we are able to provide convenience to those that are too busy. To those who currently can’t afford private counseling, we dedicated our social media platforms to provide free counseling tips. Many may be unsure whether they will do well with online counseling. Research however says you will do better. The American Psychology Association recently shared research where online therapy was just as effective as face to face but retention rates were higher. That means people were holding onto more of what they learned. Not to mention, therapy services became more available to those who couldn’t receive it before.  To learn more about Online Therapy click the button below

Online Therapy removes the fear of entering an office. It allows you to receive counseling in the comfort of your home. It saves money on travel and allows for my flexibility in your schedule. The question isn’t whether you should try online therapy but what took you so long. Our hope is for us to reach you wherever you are at now, so that you can look back and see how you’ve grown in the future.

Online Therapy saves time and lives

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