Why Money Can't Buy Happiness

and why you think it does

       Wee see the super wealthy with luxurious items and tell ourselves, “if I had money, I’d be happy”. What if I told you that many wealthy people aren’t. Money can’t buy happiness because money doesn’t actually make you happy. It could buy things that we think make us happy, but that’s not how happiness works. Follow along and I’ll explain.

Money Can't Buy Happiness

Money is a tool and tools don’t fix problems, the person who knows how to use the tool does. Happiness is internal. This means it comes from within and can’t truly come from anything outside of ourselves. While money can’t buy happiness, it can help us begin to understand it. Providing safety, nutrition, and experiences are a few ways it can do this, but our attitude will ultimately determine whether we are happy or not.

Money can't buy Happiness,
but it can have your needs Met

Food and Shelter

     Unless you live in a society that trades goods, money is a necessity to buy the things we need. Food, shelter, and clothing provide us with nourishment and a sense of security. While these are things to be happy about, the truth is they don’t make you happy.

  • Food

         We need food to stay alive and food costs money. Being alive makes us happy. Therefore we need money to be happy, right? Nope, wrong! Technically you can obtain food without money. Food banks and growing your own food make this possible. Talk to someone who has struggled or recovered from an eating disorder and you’ll learn that food is not the source of happiness.

  • Shelter

         Buying a home is a dream for many. It is something that leaves us with a sense of achievement. While it is something to be proud of, that pride doesn’t last. With time things break, neighbors upset us, and taxes rise. Rather than realizing that homes aren’t what make us happy, we begin searching for a bigger or “better” one.

  • Romance        
         As horrible as it is to admit, being wealthy does increase your chances of obtaining more dates. Those dates unfortunately, may be with people who too don’t understand happiness. Deep down we are looking to be loved and it’s hard to get this from someone who doesn’t truly understand it.

The Illusion of Happiness

We get so close. We complete tasks and obtain things that have the power to change perspective. We fall short however and give money the glory. This is an illusion and when you discover the trick, you end up feeling cheated.

The Illusion of Happiness
  • Buying Things

         We all love fancy things and that’s a problem. When you love things, you need more things. What we should love is what we have. Gratitude is the lesson that money blinded us to.

  • Experiences

        Traveling the world. Doing things many people are unable to do. Being treated differently. These are all things that have the power to leave us feeling special. Instead, it is that sense of special that leaves. It’s our lack of contentment that fuels this ongoing chase and money has it’s foot on the gas.

  • Obtaining Goals

         Getting yourself out of debt. Doing well in our careers. Having the commitment and consistency needed to save large amounts of money. All great things but it isn’t the things we should be celebrating, it’s us. We were almost there but rather than looking at ourselves we assumed that it was the goals that made us happy. So we set more and more as happiness drifts further away.

The Quest For More


      One thing that the love of money is great at, is the quest for more. This is greed at it’s core. Having enough but believing more is required. More doesn’t bring happiness any more than less does, only enough can do that.

  • Never Satisfied

         As soon as having more becomes our goal, we have doomed ourselves for failure. You can never have more because as soon as you think you got it, you realize there is more to get. It is an endless chase with no finish line.

  • Greed and Happiness Can’t Co-exist

         Greed believes it needs more to be happy and happiness believes it already is. More and enough are not equals.

  • It’s an Inside Job

         Happiness comes from within and no one can sell that. It’s a realization, a change in perspective. Ever see a homeless person smile? Ever see a rich person angry? Money doesn’t control that. We do! Our goal should not be to get more things but to get more satisfied. I am not telling you to sell all your possessions, in fact I think you can get more but not until you realize that you have enough. When you have enough, anything extra only makes you more grateful and happy to be alive. 


Money Can't Buy Happiness,

But Enough Can

     Don’t chase money, chase enough! This should of been our goal in the first place. Rather, we thought it was more and took a wrong turn on the quest for happiness. Some of us may have gone so far down that path, that it has become harder to become happy. Our distractions have blinded our vison as to where to go. The key is to always remind ourselves that we have enough. Before or after we make a purchase, remember we already have enough. This will only increase our gratitude as we are reminded and remain satisfied with what we have.

Important Tips To Remember

  • Fulfilling your needs is not all you need
  • Buying expensive things is a cheap trick
  • Having more is an endless conquest
  • Happiness Comes From Within
  • Don’t chase money, chase enough

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By: Jordan Joachim

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