12 Couples Vacation Ideas To Help Relationships

Therapist Advice: Using Vacations To Better Relationships

Vacations are great for relaxing and unwinding, but they can be great for bettering our relationships as well. This article was written by a couples counselor and shares 12 Couples Vacation Ideas To Help Relationships.

12 Couples Vacation Ideas To Help Relationships​

Couples vacations, when done right, help us reconnect and reignite the flame of our relationship. The best couples vacation ideas to better a relationship are centered around romance, spending quality time together, and are limited in distractions. Keep reading to learn 12 Couples Vacation Ideas To Help Relationships that are centered around these themes.

Couples Vacation Ideas For Romance

12 Couples Vacation Ideas To Help Relationships​

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     Some couples wrongly assume that just being together will make a situation romantic. Incorrect, romance takes work but some locations make it easier to obtain. Keep in mind the times that you visit locations. Spring Break can bring an unpleasant party atmosphere and distract you from paying attention to each other.


  • Paris, France

         Some cities scream romance and Paris may be the loudest. Have a picnic under the Eifel Tower. Take a dinner cruise on the Seine River. Have your portrait taken at Montmartre and visit the I Love You wall.

  • Venice, Italy

        If the language, music, and food don’t put you in a romantic mood, a private gondola ride along the Grand Canal will do so.

  • The Maldives

         A private Bongalo overlooking the Indian Ocean while you lay under the stars with the one you love. The Maldives is sure to ignite any heart. 


Couples Vacation Ideas For Quality Time

  The best way to obtain quality time is to make your partner the focus of your trip, not the destination. Locations that provide seclusion and intimacy remove distractions and encourage us to be intimate. You don’t need the most expensive destination to obtain ultimate privacy. Visiting a location during it’s off season is one way to feel more secluded.

12 Couples Vacation Ideas To Help Relationships​

Photography By: Thomas Boxma

  • Seychelles

         Private beaches along remote hillsides. Seychelles provides seclusion, intimacy, and luxury.

  • Iceland

        Stay in a cabin, snuggle up by a fireplace, and enjoy the Northern Lights in the arms of your love.

  • Caladesi Island State Park, Florida

         How do you find seclusion in one of the largest tourist locations in the United States. Caladesi Island has no resorts and requires a ferry or private boat to stay. This private adventure is not too far away.

Couples Vacation Ideas That Limit Distractions

12 Couples Vacation Ideas To Help Relationships​

Photography By: Thomas Boxma

      If you want to learn how to breakup with someone nicely, you have to learn to be compassionate. Being compassionate is something we all recognize but view consciously practice. 


  • Hike Inn, Georgia

         This location along the Appalachian provides more than privacy. They discourage cell phone use by having no electrical outlets in the rooms. They also ask you to not being cell phones on the property.

  • Sheldon Chalet, Alaska

        No Wi-Fi, cell phone coverage, and the nearest town is 50 miles away. Have a picnic on a Glacier or watch the Northern Lights without letting social media ruin your romance.

  • Chiva Som, Thailand

         With various types of massages, treatments, and detoxes available. Chiva Som allows you to connect with your partner, mind, and body. Also, no phones are permitted outside of your room.


Important Tips To Remember

  • Romance Is More Than Being Alone
  • Focus On Your Partner Not The Destination
  • Quality Time Together Is Better Than Personal Time Alone
  • Limit Your Distractions And Ditch Your Phones

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