Conquering Anxiety When Flying

How To Get Over A Fear Of Flying

Travel is one of the great experiences of life. Anxiety when flying can get in the way of that. Here are some suggestions from a therapist to get you over a fear of flying.

Conquering Anxiety When Flying

A fear of flying can make a trip for leisure seem like a punishment. If you want to conquer anxiety when flying, you must first understand yourself and where this anxiety is coming from. Utilizing grounding techniques and following these tips will help lessen your fear. After repeated success and encouragement, you may even find yourself come to enjoy it.

Understanding Anxiety When Flying

Conquering Anxiety When Flying

Photography By: Tahir Osman

    Understanding your anxiety, is the first step in understanding how to help yourself. Once we know where our anxiety is coming from, we know where we are also not going. When we understand ourselves, we also understand how to avoid increasing our anxiety.

  • Know Your Symptoms

         Symptoms of anxiety appear different for many. Knowing yours is the first step in knowing what to do. Some examples include heavy sweating, difficulty breathing, or worrisome thoughts.

  • Where Does A Fear Of Flying Come From

        Many people struggle with thought of not being in control. Others have allowed entertainment to influence their fear of flying. The truth is planes are statistically one of the safest ways to travel and you can control how you react to anxious thoughts.

  • What Increases Anxiety

         When trying to reduce worry, it’s a good idea to avoid watching movies involving planes as they are made to play on your emotions. Avoid watching or listening to anything that creates stress and fear. Try to avoid caffeine, as it also increases anxiety.


Get Grounded In The Air

     Grounding is a technique to reduce anxiety by helping us stay in the present. While your checking in your bag, also do a reality check.

Conquering Anxiety When Flying

Photography By: Tahir Osman

  • Reality Check

         Tell yourself the truth, that flying is the safest way to travel. Look around at other passengers and see that is normal to relax and be at peace.  

  • Breathing Exercises

        When anxious, the body hyperventilates in an attempt to aide in fighting or running. By utilizing deep breathing, we are telling the body that we are safe and can stop being anxious. Just breathe!

  • Calming Strategies

         Think about what usually helps calm you down or get you in a good mood. Listening to soothing music or religious materials work for many. Get outside of your head, by using your senses to detect things around you. What do you smell and see. Feel the texture of your clothes and snack on something you enjoy.

Tips To Help a Fear Of Flying

Conquering Anxiety When Flying

Photography By: Tahir Osman

      You may not believe just yet, but you can conquer anxiety when flying. Use some of these tips to build experience. With a track record of successful flights, you will give yourself the evidence needed to disprove your fear of flying.


  • Social Support

         If your traveling with someone, let them in on what you need to help your fear of flying. If flying alone, call a friend before boarding. Also, the flight attendants have seen this many times. Let them know you are uncomfortable and they will be there to check on you throughout the flight.

  • Airplane Lounges

          Airplane lounges are a great way to get away from the stress and tension in the airport. Whether you pay for entrance or use one of the perks of a travel credit card, these spaces make waiting for your flight very enjoyable. If no lounges are present, seek out a quiet area of the airport to relax.

  • Keep Encouraging Yourself


         Once you understand your anxiety and create a personalized plan, it is important you remember to encourage yourself. Remind yourself of what you know and tell yourself what you need to hear to calm yourself. Celebrate each time you successfully get through flying using these methods, because you are one flight closer to conquering your anxiety when flying.

Important Tips To Remember

  • Know where your anxiety is coming from
  • Get grounded
  • Use what works for you
  • Keep encouraging yourself

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