Disrupting Anxiety About Anxiety Symptoms

How To Stop Anxiety

     Having anxiety feels unfair, but having anxiety about anxiety seems cruel. It is a circle of anxiety feeding anxiety that needs to be stopped. Continue reading to learn about disrupting anxiety about anxiety symptoms.

Disrupting Anxiety About Anxiety Symptoms

Disrupting anxiety about anxiety symptoms starts with understanding where and why you are having anxiety. Try not to fight your anxiety. Try to understand it. Your body is talking to you, so listen and take part in this conversation. Once we understand the anxiety and have the ability to communicate with it, we’re ready to bring our mind back to a place of peace.

Why Am I Having Anxiety About Anxiety Symptoms?

Why do I have anxiety?

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     Anxiety has a purpose. It may not always be correct or for good reason, but anxiety is actually trying to serve you. Once we can understand our anxiety, we can begin to correct it.

  • Anxiety Has A Purpose

         What do a smoke alarm, alarm clock, and police siren have in common? Yes, they are all loud and annoying but they have a purpose. They are attempting to warn us and get our attention. While they are uncomfortable in that moment, they are trying to help. Anxiety believes it is trying to do the same. It is attempting to warn or caution us about something we are worried about.

  • Your Body Is Talking To You

         As our heart rate increases, we find it hard to breath, and we begin to sweat, our bodies are telling us we are in fight or flight. The release of adrenaline that we feel while we pause turns into anxiety. Our body is telling us fight or run away. If our body is incorrect, then we need to learn how to talk back to it.

  • Anxiety About Anxiety

         When we don’t understand our anxiety, we don’t know how to deal with it. If we don’t know how to deal with it, we are going to be afraid of it. Now we are not only feeling anxiety but we are also fearing having the anxiety itself. It’s vicious cycle to be in. Let’s step out of the cycle of having anxiety about anxiety symptoms.


Ride the Wave

     Naturally, we want to fight this feeling of discomfort. This is a bad idea however. Rather than solving our problem, we’ve entered a lifelong agreement to compete with it. Be like a surfer, rather than fighting those huge waves of anxiety, learn how to surf them. Consider the next section a free surfing lesson.

Disrupting Anxiety About Anxiety Symptoms

Photography By: Andrej Lišakov

  • Understand Where It’s Coming From

         This is the first step. Think about what triggered this feeling and when we first started experiencing it. If our body is trying to warn us, why is this so dangerous? Has this warning helped us before and do we need it now.

  • What Has Worked For You In The Past

        What have you used in the past to soothe this feeling? Thinking about this gives us more than a tip of what to do, it reminds us that we have the ability to get through it. If you have gotten through anxiety without an understanding of it, imagine what you can do with an education on it. Know you will get through this and create healthy ways to calm your mind.

  • It’s Going To Be Ok

         Now that we understand where it is coming from and are aware that we have the ability to push through, we can tell ourselves to relax. We can tell ourselves that we don’t need to be afraid. We are safe and it is going to be ok. Get involved with the conversation of your body. Once your mind understands this, actually tell your body that is going to be ok.

Enjoy Life Again

Disrupting Anxiety About Anxiety Symptoms

Photography By: Andrej Lišakov

      The goal is for us to understand what anxiety is and how to deal with it. Being aware of our history and ability, we remind ourselves that we are going to be ok. Once we are able to turn off that alarm clock, we can wake up and get back to enjoying our days.

  • False Alarm

         Anxiety is a warning, but not all warnings end in disaster. Once we are aware of this, why allow this annoying alarm to continue. Tell your body that it was just a false alarm.

  • Turn Off The Alarm

         After a repeated pattern of false alarms, we can begin the final step. We can now turn this alarm off. Unfortunately, there is no button for this. This happens naturally on it’s own as we repeatedly get through each anxiety attack successfully. Don’t worry it gets easier. It get’s better!

  • Get Back To Enjoying Life

         What would you do if you didn’t have anxiety? Where would you go? Who would you love? This is who you are, not your anxiety. Now that anxiety no longer has any power over you, get back to doing you. Get back to enjoying your life.


Important Tips To Remember

  • Your body is talking to you
  • You have the ability to get through this
  • Remind yourself that it will be ok
  • Some alarms are just false alarms
  • Turn off the alarm, wake up, and enjoy your day

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