10 Tips To Conquer A Fear Of Flying

A Therapist's Guide To Combat Flying Fears

     A fear of flying adds to the stress of travel and takes away from it’s beauty. With a fear of flying it’s hard to understand how other’s enjoy being on airplane. This is possible for you however and here are 10 tips from a Therapist on how to obtain it.

10 tips to conquer a fear of flying

You may of seen the stages of grief used when discussing breakup stages. This is because of the similarities felt between losing someone in a relationship to losing someone in life. If you want to successfully overcome the break up stages, have a good understanding of the stages of grief will help tremendously. You should first understand denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Then you should work to be aware of where you currently are and encourage yourself along this journey.

1.) Watch The Sunrise

10 tips to conquer a fear of flying

     Watching the sunrise is one of the most peaceful and tranquil moments of the day. It is also one of the most missed events of the day as few are willing to wake up early enough to see it. Taking an early morning or redeye flight will give you the opportunity to watch the sunrise and avoid the busy crowds. This will help start your day with a sense of peace and reduce the anxiety of being in a busy airport.

2.) Get A Good Deal

     What does saving money have to do with a fear of flying? Airports to tend to lower prices during slower seasons and non crowded flights. Getting a good deal means there is less of chance of you being stressed at a busy terminal. Saving money also makes you feel better and is rewarding in itself. Be flexible with dates and use Google Flights to find slow days of travel.

10 tips to conquer a fear of flying

3.) Avoid Caffeine

10 tips to conquer a fear of flying

      Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and can increase anxiety. While it is nice to have a pick me up, avoiding caffeine when you are already stressed or are wanting to avoid anxiety is a good idea. 


4.) Get Lounge Access

      Airport lounges provide a relaxing escape away from the stress of busy airports. Get comfortable before your next flight and take advantage of the complimentary food, beverages, and privacy. An easy way to get free lounge access is by using a credit card that includes it. I’ve included a link for the card that I use that includes this and many other benefits. Don’t be intimidated, it is much easier to obtain than you are telling yourself.

Click here to view Amex card that grants lounge access



10 tips to conquer a fear of flying

5.) Avoid Stressful Movies

10 tips to conquer a fear of flying

Whether it’s action, horror, or suspense, watching a stressful movie increases our anxiety. If our goal is to conquer a fear of flying, then we don’t want anything adding to our stress level to make this more difficult for us. This also includes the news and any other stress inducing broadcast.

6.) Find Your Stress Ball

      When stressed, the body physically becomes tense and rigid. Stress balls promote relaxation by encouraging the mind and body to loosen up. Whether it’s a stress ball, fidget spinner, or playing with a beaded necklace, find that item that helps you relax.

10 tips to conquer a fear of flying

7.) Bring Healthy Snacks

10 tips to conquer a fear of flying

Grounding is a technique we use to reduce stress and stay in the present. Using your taste sensors is a way to ground yourself. Try eating and focusing on the taste of your healthy snack while stressed. Sunflower seeds and Almonds are high in Vitamin E which also reduce anxiety.

8.) Find Your Happy Place

The mind is powerful. The same way we are able to stress ourselves out by thinking about stressful situations, we can also harm ourselves by thinking about the opposite. When stressed, think about that a place, time, or person that makes you happy. 

10 tips to conquer a fear of flying

9.) Dress Comfortably

10 tips to conquer a fear of flying

The mind and the body are interconnected. By wearing comfortable clothing you are not only avoiding physical discomfort but are telling your body that it is ok to relax. You are communicating that you are less concerned with how you look and more concerned with how you feel.

10.) Bring A Soothing Aide

A soothing aide is anything that calms or relaxes you. For some this can be a religious item or piece of literature. For others it can be the scent of lavender or music from their favorite artist. Do you enjoy drawing or playing music? Download an app to your phone or tablet that allows you to do so. Find that thing that brings you peace and bring it with you on your next trip to conquer a fear of flying.

10 tips to conquer a fear of flying

Important Tips To Remember

  • Avoid stressful times and areas of the airport
  • Avoid food, drinks, and entertainment that increase anxiety
  • Use healthy coping mechanisms
  • The mind is powerful, use it to for good to conquer a fear if flying

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By: Jordan Joachim

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