How To Build Trust In A Relationship

Gaining Or Giving Trust

     Trust is one of the key components of a healthy relationship. So how do we build when we’ve lost it or struggle with giving it away. Read along to learn How To Build Trust In A Relationship.

How To Build Trust In A Relationship

Whether it has been lost or we simply struggle with giving it away, we’ve found this method to be highly effective in learning how to build trust in a relationship. Trust is built by being aware of human nature but actively working to choose empathy. Trust can then be shared when see the value of being vulnerable, find someone who is worth investing in, and move forward in our decision to participate in the beauty that is life.

Why Is Trust So Important

Why Is Trust So Important

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Trust is an important part of all healthy relationships. Trust gives us the ability to have confidence in ourselves, our partners, and our relationship. This confidence waters our relationships growth as we are aware that our relationship remains securely planted in the safety of our pot of love. 

  • Confidence

         If I asked you to imagine someone walking with confidence, how would you describe them? That sense of peace, joy, and lack of concern of the opinion of others is what trust can do for our emotional health.

  • Growth

         Relationships reach a standstill without trust. Trust helps our relationships grow from surface level associations to deep emotional connections. Trust opens the cage over our heart and gives love permission to grow freely. 

  • Safety

         Trust also allows us to feel safe and secured. Trust is not a home with the best alarm system, trust is a home in the neighborhood where there are no intruders. Trust allows us to sleep in the peace of knowing that our relationship is free from harm, thievery, and all danger. That is an incredible feeling to have and worthy of our chasing.


How To Build Trust In A Relationship When We've Lost It

Being trusted is an incredible feeling and no one knows that more than the person who has lost it. That, on the contrary, is a horrible feeling. We’re all human but only a few of us are working to utilize empathy to aide our human nature.

How To Build Trust In A Relationship

Photography By: Wesley Tingey

  • Understanding Is Not Excusing, It’s Explaining

         By seeking to understand why someone has wronged us, we give ourselves permission to look outside of our pain and into their heart. When we put our partners hurt from betrayal over our feelings of guilt, we give them the attention and space to heal. We contribute towards their needed healing.

  • Choose Empathy

        Empathy is not feeling bad for others, it’s feeling the bad of others. Empathy is putting ourselves in their shoes, walking in that pain, and deciding we want to help them change them. We want to help them change them because we to want that change. By including ourselves in their struggle, were more willing to pull us out of it.

  • Remind Yourself

         We understand and have made a decision, but it doesn’t stop there. This hurts and it’s in our nature to avoid pain. If we want to push pass this, we have to remind ourselves what we are doing. Actively tell yourself that we are choosing to build trust again. Regularly remind yourself of this plan and remember while it is hard, it is worth it.  


How To Build Trust In A Relationship When We Struggle With Trusting Others

How To Build Trust In A Relationship

Photography By: Wesley Tingey

      Trust is so valuable and things of value are rarely given away. When we find someone worthy however, we must learn to do what is so hard for us. We must learn to water our relationships if we want to enjoy the fruits that healthy relationships produce.

  • Vulnerability Is A Strength

         Trust is vulnerability and society has convinced us that being vulnerable is a weakness. It is the opposite however. Being vulnerable is being brave and taking a leap of faith into our emotional future. Finding comfort in vulnerability is a great way to learn how to build trust in a relationship.

  • Find Someone Worthy

         It’s much easier to trust when we’ve found someone worthy of it. Does this person value our trust? Do they give us there’s in return? Are they there now or are they promising to be there in the future?

  • Practice Builds Patience

        This wont happen over night. It takes time to change and that also takes practice. Thankfully by accepting that we need to practice we are also developing patience as we learn.

  • Enjoy Life

         Trust gives a sense of security. Security builds confidence and confidence gives us a sense of joy. Healthy relationships make life more than enjoyable. It makes life unbelievable. When it’s said like this, we can understand why you doubt what is unbelievable. As hard as it is to believe however, it is true. Why miss out on this experience? Give yourself permission to enjoy life to the fullest and learn how to build trust in a relationship.


Important Tips To Remember

  • Trust gives our relationship permission to grow
  • Understanding is not excusing, it’s explaining
  • Choose Empathy
  • Practice Builds Patience

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