How To Deal With A Narcissistic Parent

Therapist Advice: Understanding and Dealing With A Narcissist

Thankfully, awareness of narcissistic behaviors has become more popular. This has helped many with dating and relationships. Unfortunately, knowing how to deal with a narcissistic parent is not as commonly known. Read along as we seek to change that.

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Parent​

Narcissism within the family can be difficult to deal with. Narcissism works best when others are unwilling or unaware on how to challenge it. The best way to deal with a narcissistic parent is to understand what they suffer from, know how it impacts you, and prioritize yourself over them. Here are a few suggestions on how to do just that.

Understanding What They Suffer From

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Parent​

It may seem like dealing with a narcissistic parent is impossible. With a proper understanding however, dealing with them becomes much more manageable. A narcissistic parent, like all narcissist suffer from a disorder where they believe the world revolves around them and anyone who disagrees with them is delusional.


  • Lack Of Empathy

         One of the key defining characteristics of a narcissist is their inability to feel empathetic. They really lack the ability to feel how you feel. For this reason, they can’t truly understand where you are coming from. It is a disorder and a sad one at that. 

  • They Are The Gift And You Are Just The Occasion 

        Narcissist view themselves as a gift. You are blessed to have them near you and you are just a tool for them to use. Anything that contradicts this belief does not make sense to a narcissist. It is easier for them to believe everyone else is crazy before they can can accept that their belief could be wrong.

  • Incurable But Manageable

         If you have a narcissistic parent, know that they will be a narcissist for life. With therapy they can become aware of their behavior and get better but it will never go away. Loving a narcissist can be a difficult life long commitment. 


Know How It Impacts You

     You’ve undoubtedly learned some traits about the person you are now breaking up with. Use this knowledge to find the perfect ways to let them down. Also use this knowledge to find the perfect ways to lift them back up. Knowing someone will naturally reveal how to breakup with someone.

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Parent​
  • Doubting Reality

         Although a narcissistic parent believes they’re always correct, the way they see reality is not. In order for you to see things their way, they need to manipulate you. This can cause you to doubt reality and begin to incorrectly see the world through their eyes.

  • Frustration

        Although knowing they have a disorder can keep you from becoming manipulated, it is only half the battle. Being constantly challenged by them and attempting to explain to them can be both frustrating and exhausting. This also has the ability to turn into other mental health symptoms in you such as depression.

  • Low Self-Esteem

         Being constantly put down, told you are incorrect, and being left to feel inferior takes a toll on your self-esteem. In time, you may begin to think they are correct and despite all you do will be unable to ever be right in their eyes.

Prioritize yourself over them

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Parent​

      If you want to learn how to breakup with someone nicely, you have to learn to be compassionate. Being compassionate is something we all recognize but view consciously practice. 


  • Avoid Manipulation

         A narcissist needs to manipulate you to get what they want and have you see things through their eyes. Avoid manipulation by challenging their words and being yourself.

  • Respect Your Feelings

        You’ve spent years developing your gut and intuition. Don’t allow a narcissistic parent to take that away from you. Question them and their comments. Respect your feelings by trusting yourself. 

  • Set And Follow Through With Boundaries

         By now you should have a better understanding of your narcissistic parent. Set some rules and boundaries for behaviors and comments that you will no longer allow. When they break them, tell yourself and them that you are no longer allowing yourself to be treated this way. This may make them angry, but your happiness matters too!


Important Tips To Remember

  • What They Suffer From Is Incurable
  • They Way They See The World Is Incorrect
  • Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Manipulated
  • Set and Follow Through With Your Boundaries

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By: Jordan Joachim

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