Overcome Anxiety At Work

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     Getting yourself to work is tough and having anxiety at work doesn’t make it any easier. There is a way to overcome this however. Follow along to get a therapist’s perspective.

Overcome Anxiety At Work

Anxiety can make life very difficult. Anxiety at work can get in the way of our ability to provide for ourselves and further our careers. In order to overcome anxiety at work, we first need to understand where this anxiety is coming from. Then, we become aware of our own personal ways to combat it and encourage ourselves throughout this battle.

Understanding Anxiety At Work

Overcome Anxiety At Work

Photography By: Andrej Lišakov

     While we wish we could ignore it, exploring it as actually how we get rid of anxiety. We need to understand anxiety to properly treat it. We need to know where it is coming from if we want to also send it away.

  • What Are Your Symptoms

         Anxiety reveals itself both mentally and physically. How does it present for you? Common symptoms include increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, crippling fear/worry, and difficulty thinking. 

  • Reliving The Past/Destroying The Future

        Just because something has happened once, doesn’t mean it will happen again. Our fears are not our realities. Anxiety tells us to worry about the past repeating itself. Anxiety tells us every fear will come to life.

  • Investment Into Our Future

         Situational anxiety is caused by factors outside of ourselves. Examples of this can be presenting a project or talking to someone who we view as important. Biological anxiety comes from within ourselves.  The disruption of serotonin neurotransmitters can cause anxiety.


What Will Work For You

     I am a firm believer of person centered therapy. Person centered therapy looks at many effective ways to treat mental health symptoms but utilizes the specific ones that would work best for you. Create a plan specific to you combat anxiety at work.

Overcome Anxiety At Work

Photography By: Andrej Lišakov

  • Knowing Yourself

        Choosing honesty over pride, explore who you are. Look at your behavioral patterns and efforts of attempts. We’re not yet judging ourselves, we are only exploring ourselves.

  • What Has Worked For You

        Think about methods or techniques you have used that have worked. Whether big or small, what were those things? While we want healthy choices, let’s also understand why some poor choices may have worked.

  • What Is Ineffective For You

         What have we done that has provided little to no results? What is no longer or has never served our goal of combating anxiety? Awareness will prepare us to create a better plan to treat anxiety at work.

Encourage Yourself, Discourage Anxiety

Overcome Anxiety At Work

Photography By: Andrej Lišakov

Encouraging ourselves is empowering ourselves in our personal battles. It is important that this encouragement is meaningful if we want it to work. Once we know ourselves, we know how to encourage ourselves. Discourage anxiety at work by actually encouraging yourself.

  • Self-Empowerment

         Many times we look to other things or people to lift us up. Unfortunately they may not always be there. Self-empowerment ensures that no matter where you are, you have what you need to persevere…you!

  • What Sounds Good To You

        There are many ways to be encouraging. You can remember times where you were successfully, tell yourself something uplifting, or remind yourself that everything will be ok.

  • Be Kind To Yourself

         This is a process and will take some time. When you do well, congratulate yourself and celebrate. When you fall short, remind yourself that you aren’t perfect but are learning. Doing both of these things encourages us to keep going.

Important Tips To Remember

  • Don’t ignore anxiety, explore it
  • Know the source of your anxiety at work
  • Encourage yourself to discourage anxiety
  • Be kind to yourself

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