How To Use Values To
Overcome Social Anxiety

Therapist Advice: Using ACT Therapy To Overcome Social Anxiety

ACT Therapy is type of psychotherapy that utilizes mindfulness as a way to stay present to overcome difficulty. It’s goal is to understand the present moment in stead of running from it to find success in combatting issues. It’s through it’s understanding of values that we can overcome social anxiety.

How To Use Values To Overcome Social Anxiety​

Anxiety disorders are the most common disorders experienced by many. While they can be scary, it is empowering to know you already posses something to help you navigate them. ACT Therapy uses values to overcome social anxiety. The best way to use values to overcome social anxiety is to understand, prioritize, and to commit to them. Follow along to learn exactly how to do that.

Know Your Values

How To Use Values To Overcome Social Anxiety​

Photography By: Kateryna Hliznitsova

We all have values, but currently you are valuing your anxiety over these things. In order for us to transfer that power back and overcome social anxiety, we must first know what those values are. Here are three ways to identify your values


  • What’s Most Important To You

         Think about what you value the most. Is it family, loyalty, or helping others. Examples like that would make taking care of your family or keeping commitments some things you may value.

  • What’s Your Purpose

        This is something that not many people ask themselves. What do you live for? What do you want to accomplish? What’s your life story? 

  • What Type Of Person Do You Want To Be

         A good was to identify this is to notice what you admire in others. Do you want to be a person who never gives up, strives to be honest, or helps others in need. These are all admirable values.


Put Your Values in Order

     You may not like the thought of someone telling you that you value your anxiety but if we are letting it get in the way of things, that is what we are doing. Emphasis on the words “letting it”. By prioritizing what we value, we are encouraging ourselves to overcome social anxiety. 

How To Use Values To Overcome Social Anxiety​

Photography By: Kateryna Hliznitsova

  • Devalue Your Anxiety

         A great way to overcome social anxiety is to devalue it. Yes we are uncomfortable and having negative thoughts but we don’t have to let anxiety decide what’s important to us and what we can do.

  • Place Importance On What’s Most Important

        Speaking in public is scary but if we value helping others more, than we empower ourselves to get past that. Being in a crowd is uncomfortable but if we value helping others, it is something that we have to not let control us.

  • Hear Your Anxiety But Don’t Listen To It

         ACT Therapy encourages us to learn from our anxiety to devalue it. Be aware that crowds make you anxious. Look deeper into why that is but don’t allow it to stop you from chasing your values.

Overcome Social Anxiety By Commiting To Your Values

How To Use Values To Overcome Social Anxiety​

Photography By: Kateryna Hliznitsova

      If you want to learn how to breakup with someone nicely, you have to learn to be compassionate. Being compassionate is something we all recognize but view consciously practice. 


  • Act As If What Matters Does

         Actions speak louder than words. We may say we value family above everything, but our actions speak differently if we aren’t spending time with them or doing what is needed to care for them. Once you are aware of your values, move to act despite anxiety telling you to freeze.

  • Encourage Yourself

        Adjusting our values does not come easy. It is easier said than done. For this reason, it is important that we change our words and thoughts to empower us. If you value hard work, remind yourself of this when you are not feeling motivated. Encourage yourself to stay true to your personal values.

  • Be Kind To Yourself

         You’re not perfect and won’t always be proud of yourself. Forgiveness is a big part of commitment. If we want to continue moving forward on our journey, we need to forgive ourselves and give ourselves permission to keep trying. 


Important Tips To Remember

  • Decide What Type Of Person You Want To Be
  • Devalue Your Anxiety
  • Place Importance On What’s Most Important
  • Act As If What Matters Does

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