The 3 Biggest Problems In Interracial Dating

Interracial Dating Advice From A Therapist

Interracial Dating has become more commonly accepted but conquering it’s problems is not common knowledge. Read a long to get advice from a couples counselor.

Conquering The 3 Biggest Problems In Interracial Dating​

Dating is difficult and interracial dating introduces are new set of concerns. We’ve found most interracial relationships to struggle with the same set of problems.  The best way to conquer the three biggest problems in interracial dating is to learn how to communicate, adapt to their culture, and face prejudice. Follow along as we discuss how to successfully do all three.

Speaking Their Language

Conquering The 3 Biggest Problems In Interracial Dating​

Photography By: Lia Bekyan

     Communication is a major key in every relationship. While speaking their language could literally entail learning their actual tongue, in this sense it means just learning how they communicate. People communicate differently and people of different cultures are no exception to that.


  • Learning Their Cultural Norms

         Sometimes we take offense of things that weren’t intended to be. Learning more about a culture can save us from this. Learning traditions around greeting, eating, meeting family, and speaking are good places to start.

  • Understanding Their Style Of Communication

      Most arguments occur from lack of and poor communication. Misinterpreting leads to communication breakdown. Understanding how they communicate entails learning their body language, tone, and intent. Some cultures and people are more reserved, while other’s are more outspoken.

  • Helping Them Understand Your Difficulties

         It is important that we never assume. Just because you say something, doesn’t mean that someone understood it. Communication is more than talking, it is also listening and comprehending. Discuss with your partner why you are struggling with somethings. Ask your partner to share their perception to be safe.


Adapting To New Culture

     This is something that can be difficult to do. This doesn’t always mean were close minded. We are creatures of habit and sometimes it’s difficult to change the things we have been doing our entire lives.

Conquering The 3 Biggest Problems In Interracial Dating​

Photography By: Lia Bekyan

  • Stuck In Your Own Traditions

         Your culture is a beautiful thing but being unable to accept any change will bring a distavorous crash to your relationship. Interracial dating involves both people trying different things.

  • Not Seeing The Importance of Their Traditions

        Resentments occur when we don’t feel respected. Downplaying or ignoring a tradition of our partner can create bitterness. This can become evolve into fights and arguments.

  • Failing To Create A Culture Of Your Own

         Something beautiful happened when you two got together. Don’t stop there, blend the cultures and traditions of you two to create something new. This will tighten your bond in your relationship.

Facing Prejudice

Conquering The 3 Biggest Problems In Interracial Dating​

Photography By: Lia Bekyan

While other problems within interracial dating are sometimes hard realize, this is one that many fear even before the dating begins. It’s sad part of the human experience that no one wishes to be a part of. With the proper perspective and mentality however, it can be navigated through successfully.

  • Outside Pressures

         Not everyone is as openminded as you. Accepting that people are different, helps us to accept that other’s ignorance is a reflection of them not you. When you bump into or hear someone that is closeminded, try to not take it personal. It literally is their problem, don’t let them make it yours.

  • Within The Family

        This one may hurt the most. We want our families to be involved in our relationships and don’t want their faults to be seen as ours. Talk with your family about interracial dating before introducing them to your partner. Talk with your partner’s family to tighten your bond with them as well.

  • Within Ourselves

        This is a tough one. How can I be prejudice if I’m dating someone different? Unfortunately, we all have things that don’t sit well with us. Take a deep look inside to discover yours. Even better, invite your partner into this conversation. This can be a mind opening and bond building experience if done with love. 


Important Tips To Remember

  • Learn To Speak Their Language
  • Create A Culture Of Your Own
  • Be Openminded, Towards Others Too
  • Explore Prejudice Within Yourself

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