The Best
New Year's Resolution Ideas

and how To Achieve Them

       Whether you can’t decide on what you want your New Year’s Resolution to be or are frustrated with not completing them in the past years, I’ve complied a list of the best New Year’s Resolution Ideas to help you change that. Follow along as we build a new you from start to finish.

New Year's Resolution Ideas

The best New Year’s resolution ideas are more than just a trendy goal. They are well thought out, planned, and executed smart goals that produce lasting change. Choosing the best New Year Resolution ideas are not about what sounds the best to you, they’re about choosing what actually is the best for you. Here are some great suggestions to guide you on your journey to build your “New Me”.

Know Yourself

who are you

     One of my favorite questions to ask when I’m conducting group therapy is, “who are you”? That is a question many people struggle with. If you want to complete your resolution successfully, you have to be able to answer it right. Once we understand who we are, we’ll know what we need.

  • Take A Look In The Mirror

         If it feels awkward, you need to do this more often. Staring in the mirror reveals our connection to our inner self. While during this, think about your personality, character, and tendencies. 

  • What Do You Do Well

         Start by commending yourself. Tell yourself, “I am proud of the way you…” and fill in the blank. Think about any achievements, changes, or characteristics that are positive about you. Take a couple minutes to bask in that. 

  • What Can You Get Better At       
         Without beating yourself up, be honest and think about some things you can get better at. What are some things people have been bringing up to you? Think about some reoccurring mistakes, bad habits, or character flaws.

The Best New Year's

Resolutions Ideas Are Planned

We put some thought into learning who we are, now we have to put that same energy into how we achieve. Plan how you’ll accomplish your goal around what works best for you. 

Plan for success
  • Know Your History

         In the past, what tactics have worked best for you? What hasn’t? Do you better when you work on something daily or take more of a relaxed approach?

  • Plan For Roadblocks

        Somewhere along the way, something will come up that will make our goal harder to get to. These things happen. Make sure you have a spare just in case you get a flat. This can be a reliable friend you can call, a motivating book you can read, or any other routes you can take if one road seems blocked.

  • Get A Head Start

         Every day is a chance to start over. While a new calendar encourages this more naturally, we don’t have to wait for January 1st to start. In fact, we shouldn’t. It will be so much easier to accomplish our goal if we start practicing it now!

Be Smart About It

Smart goals

 Smart Goals follow a formula that increase our chances of being successful. S.M.A.R.T is helpful acronym we use to remember this. 

  • S: Specific
     Being specific about our goals allows us to really understand what we are aiming for and how to go about it obtaining it. 


  • M: Measurable
     Being able to measure a goal helps us see our progress. We can measure length in  time, total amounts, or frequency. These are just a few!

  • A: Achievable
     We need to be honest with ourselves and set goals that we can accomplish. Achieving goals encourage us to continue moving forward and set more.
  • R: Relevant

     Set goals that fit into the landscape of your bigger picture. If my long-term goal was to become a successful photographer, taking 5 pictures a day for a month would be relevant. 

  • T: Time-bound

     Adding a deadline to our goal encourages us to take it seriously and also gives us motivation to stay persistent as that date gets closer.


Still Need Some Ideas?

 I know, you were hoping I’d just give you a list of ideas and you could pick the one that sounded the best to you. That however is not how we find the best New Year’s Resolution ideas. I encourage you to give our method a chance and discover what truly would work best for you. While you are doing so, here are a couple goals that might be right for you.

Helpful Ideas
  • Health Conscious

     Is your health not doing well. Are there certain activities that are contributing to this. If so, this a great resolution to set. Commiting to a new diet, exercising, or following the recommendation of a doctor are great choices.

  • Bad Habits

      What’s that habit that’s been holding you back? What is stopping your personal growth? Changing a behavior pattern, getting sober, or setting and commiting a new boundary sound spot on.

  • Relationships

      Relationships may be one of the most important aspects of the human experience. Do we need to work on being social? Do we need to stop allowing certain types of people into our lives? Do we have a poor relationship with ourselves? Setting relationship goals are a fantastic way to work on personal and social growth.

Treat Yourself

      Also, don’t forget to give yourself a break. No one is perfect. Your going to make mistakes. Accept this and love yourself into getting back onto the horse. When you are doing well, treat yourself with a healthy goal orientated reward. This will encourage you to continue moving forward in this goal and get better in setting the next.

Treat Yourself

Important Tips To Remember

  • We can’t know who we’ll become until we learn who we are
  • Don’t wing it, plan it
  • Use Smart Goals
  • Treat Yourself

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By: Jordan Joachim

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