Public Speaking Advice

Therapist Advice: how To Conquer A Fear of Speaking

Public Speaking makes the list of top fears for many people. This is for good reason, there’s a lot of pressure and it’s not something many people do regularly. It is possible to get over a fear of public speaking however. Follow along as a therapist shares public speaking advice.

Public Speaking Advice

Being able to speak in public is valuable skill. A fear of speaking in public while intimidating, can be conquered. The best public speaking advice is to build your self-confidence, focus on others, and pour your heart and soul into it. Here is our recommendation on how to achieve that.

Building Self-Confidence

Public Speaking Advice

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As mentioned earlier, most people have a fear of speaking in public because it’s not something they regularly do. Know that this is normal and give yourself both the permission and encouragement needed to get better with public speaking.


  • Practice Makes Perfect

         It’s not what you want to hear when you are looking for public speaking advice but it’s extremely helpful. Learning good speaking skills, rehearsing, and doing more public speaking is essential when wanting to get over a fear of public speaking.

  • Encourage Yourself

        Boost your confidence by talking positively to yourself. Remind yourself of your positive traits and other things you have gotten good at it. Become your own cheerleader and enlist others to join your team as well.

  • Forgive Yourself

         Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Being judged is a primary fear in public speaking. Remove it by becoming aware that no one is perfect and accept that everything will be fine if you make a mistake.


Focus On Others

Have you ever heard someone say to picture the audience naked when doing public speaking? This is actually great public speaking advice. It uses the technique of removing the attention from yourself and passing it on to others. Here are a couple other ways of doing so without metaphorically removing your audiences clothes.

Public Speaking Advice

Photography By: Andrej Lišakov

  • Worry Less About You And More About Others

         It’s difficult to focus on two things at the same time. Therefore, let’s remove ourselves from the equation and focus on the audience. Whenever we begin to think about ourselves, find someone else to pay attention to.

  • Find The Supportive Member

        It’s an irrational fear that everyone in an audience will hate you. Most people fear public speaking and will be sympathetic towards you doing what they are afraid of. If one member looks intimidating, look towards another that is paying attention or has a comforting appearance.

  • Remember They’re Really Worried About Themselves

         One great tip is to remember that people are really self-centered. They are not focusing on you as much as you are. They are thinking about their day and their selves. In fact, they are only listening to you to see how it relates or impacts them. Take some of the pressure off of yourself by realizing that no one cares about you as much as you do.

Put Your Heart and Soul Into It

Public Speaking Advice

Photography By: Andrej Lišakov

So far we’ve learned the benefits of uplifting ourselves and using other’s as a distraction. Pouring your heart into your work however, is great public speaking advice. Not only does it reduce the anxiety we’re experiencing but improves delivery of our message as well.


  • Give Your Message The Attention It Deserves

         Passion makes for great preachers. Audiences become captivated when they pick up on passion. If you fall in love with your topic, you’ll speak with passion and gain the respect of those listening.

  • Feel Out The Audience   

        Rather than worrying about your performance, look to the audience. Feel out whether they are happy, sad, and bored and adjust to give them what they need. You’ve now added life to your speech.

  • Value The Message More Than Your Ego

         When you value a message, you’ll naturally speak in a manner that reveals it’s importance. You’ll worry less about how you look making a mistake and more about making sure the message gets the attention it deserves.


Important Tips To Remember

  • Encourage Yourself
  • Give Yourself Permission To Make Mistakes
  • Remember People Are Really Worried About Themselves
  • Value The Message More Than Your Ego

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