What Is a Relationship Anxiety Disorder

How To Overcome Relationship Anxiety

     Whether you are uncertain what you are feeling or feeling anxiety in your relationships, asking what is a relationship anxiety disorder is a good place to start. Follow along as we get you to the answer you are really looking for.

What is a relationship anxiety disorder

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders does not include a relationship anxiety disorder. What you may be considering a relationship anxiety disorder can however be anxiety that has impacted your relationship or anxiety that you are feeling within your relationship. Follow along to get better understanding and overcome this feeling.

If Not A Relationship Anxiety Disorder,
then what?

What is a relationship anxiety disorder

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The good new is you don’t have a relationship anxiety disorder, because they don’t exist. The bad news, is now you are wondering what it can be. Fortunately for you, as therapists, we understand how you are feeling.

  • Distrust

         Feeling as if your partner isn’t loyal or can’t be trusted. Thinking that they are hiding something from you. Believing that their words are untrue and their behavior is manipulative.

  • Worry

        Being troubled by thoughts of being inadequate. Judging yourself harshly in your ability to be a good partner. Obsessing over the idea that your partner is not or can not be happy with you.

  • Fear

         Experiencing the uncomfortable belief of your partner cheating on you. Being negatively effected by the thought that your partner is going to leave you. Contemplating or actually sabotaging your relationship because of the belief that it will be better if you initiate ending things.


Sources of Relationship Anxiety

     For some, this stems from holding onto past experiences. For others, it can be the manifestation of insecurities. We also can not dispel the possibility of these symptoms being the manifestation of another anxiety disorder.

What is a relationship anxiety disorder

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  • Reliving Past Relationships

         While some may see the red flags that were present in their last relationship, others may find themselves reliving this experience despite things being different. Holding onto the past dooms us to make it our future.

  • Low Self-Esteem

        When we have low self-esteem it is easy to view ourselves as inadequate. If we don’t value ourselves, it is only natural that we believe others don’t as well. This makes the though of being cheated on or dumped seem more rational.

  • An Actual Anxiety Disorder

         A social anxiety disorder can be the source of fear of being rejected or humiliated. A separation anxiety disorder can feed our fears of being cheated on or being dumped.

Overcoming Relationship Anxiety

What is a relationship anxiety disorder

Photography By: Blake Cheek

       While a relationship anxiety disorder does not technically exist, relationship anxiety does and is very common. Thankfully, it is something that we can overcome, 

  • Don’t Believe Everything That You Think

         First it is important that you accept that you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are simply assumptions you are making. You are not the things you assume. Next, we must accept that not everything we assume is true. When combating relationship anxiety we must be willing to question our thoughts. 

  • Increase Your Self-Esteem

        When we see and believe our value, we believe others can as well. When we see ourselves as highly valuable, we stop seeing ourselves as inadequate and start seeing ourselves as beings worthy of the highest love. If a partner neglects us, we know it is their loss and seek out someone more deserving. 

  • If you love something, let it go

         Relationship anxiety encourages us to consistently worry and smother our relationships. A healthy relationship doesn’t require stress and manipulation to survive. Be a good person, be in a healthy relationship, and let it go where it is supposed to go. If it is worth love, it will not need to return because it will stay exactly where it belongs.


Important Tips To Remember

  • There is no such thing as a relationship anxiety disorder
  • Anxiety can come from past relationships or insecurities 
  • Don’t believe everything you think
  • Don’t focus on controlling your partner, focus on increasing your self-worth

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