Why A Happy Wife Is A Happy Life

How A Happy Wife Builds Your Self-Esteem

     A saying that is widely known and for good reason. Although, that reason isn’t commonly known. Here’s what a therapist has to say about why a happy wife is a happy life.

Why A Happy Wife Is A Happy Life​

Why do people say a happy wife is a happy life? For many people, the answer to this famous quote is that a happy wife sustains an atmosphere of peace and love within the home. Since home is where we rest and recharge, we are getting that necessary nourishment we need to carry on in life. This isn’t all however. When a man is able to bring happiness and satisfaction to his wife, he in return feels fulfilled in his ability to provide. This boosts self-esteem, confidence, and ultimately allows a man to judge his life as good.

Why Did I Get Married in The First Place?

Why A Happy Wife Is A Happy Life​

Photography By: Kateryna Hliznitsova

     As a counselor, I often hear people question their decision to get married. Consistent arguments or disagreements may of caused them to forget. Finding love and then having confidence in their ability to make their spouse and future family happy, is why many feel compelled to get married.

  • To Love And Be Loved

         It’s an amazing feeling to be loved. To give love feels even better. We enjoy knowing someone graciously and happily receives what we make effort to share.

  • Confidence In Your Ability

        While few may of been pressured, no one willingly jumps into marriage thinking they are inadequate. We eventually propose, when we suppose we are able to make life a happily ever after tale. 

  • Investment Into Our Future

         If we could predict divorce, we would never have gotten married. It is our belief that this arrangement will pay off and produce a healthy family that encourages us to marry.


Home is Our Refuge

     When the world stresses us out and our careers tire us out, home is where we go for refugee. Home is where we find peace and solace. When our home is a battlefield, we find ourselves yelling charge instead of taking time to recharge.

Why A Happy Wife Is A Happy Life​

Photography By: Kateryna Hliznitsova

  • Shots Fired

         Even if you choose peace, shots being fired will not allow you to have it. When our spouses are angry, they are irritable. When we are irritable, we are more likely to fight. 

  • Life After War

        Even after an argument has settled, the atmosphere is not pleasant. Depression, anxiety, and guilt may fill the air. Although a peace agreement has been signed, it won’t immediately feel so.

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is

         A home is where we should go to find peace, love, and happiness. Home should fill our hearts, not brake it. A happy relationship or healthy relationship will create that.

A Happy Wife Is A Happy Life, Because A Happy Wife Builds Self-Esteem

Why A Happy Wife Is A Happy Life​

Photography By: Kateryna Hliznitsova

      If our goal in marriage was to sustain and provide for the love that we found, our spouses level of happiness grades our success in doing this. A happy wife tells us we are doing a good job and this in return empowers us to continue doing so.


  • A Feeling Of Accomplishment

         We got married because we believed we could provide. A wife’s happiness is evidence of you doing so. This makes you feel accomplished and proud.

  • A Self-Esteem Boost

        Knowing you are doing good, makes you feel good. Your self-esteem gets this assurance it needs and puts more confidence in your ability. This confidence will travel into other areas of your life as well.

  • Feel The Power

         Men enjoy the feeling of power. Seeing satisfaction on the the face of our wife and knowing that we are crushing our goals is empowering. This in return gives us joy. It makes us happy. It is this that allows us to say that a happy wife is a happy life.


Important Tips To Remember

  • Believe in your ability to provide again
  • Home should be your refugee
  • A happy wife boosts the self-esteem
  • Providing satisfaction is empowering

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