Does Online Therapy Work

Does Online Therapy Work

Does Online Therapy Work?
What are the Benefits of Online Therapy?

Does Online Therapy Work

 Does online therapy work? What are it’s benefits? This is a question that you may have asked and it’s understandable. While Online Therapy is still relatively new, it is becoming popular very fast. We commend you for asking these questions as your health is very important. Rest assured however, studies show that not only does Online Counseling work but it has more benefits than traditional face to face counseling. 

What Does The Research Say?

What Does The Research Say?

With over 120,000 researchers, the American Psychological Association or APA is a leading organization for the field of Psychology. It only makes sense that they would research this question While the Covid-19 pandemic brought many discomfort, the APA accredits it for the increase of online therapy services. In this article, Dr. Dhara Meghani stated it allowed mental health providers to reach more patients and “address stigma for patients seeking psychological services for the first time”. Many people are afraid of entering a therapist office out of fear of being seen or being uncomfortable. Online therapy has lessened that fear. 


Researchers reviewed the results of Online Therapy with various mental health disorders. The US Department of Affairs found it effective in treating PTSD with veterans. Systematic reviews also found it effective in treating substance use, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, and problems in children.


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“What we’ve seen is that telehealth is essentially just as effective as face-to-face psychotherapy—and retention rates are higher,”
-David Mohr, PhD

  • As effective as face to face counseling
  • Higher Retention Rate
  • More availability
  • More comfortability
  • decreased fear of walking into an office
  • Increased ability to share embarrassing or uncomfortable moments
  • More flexible
  • No need to travel
Online Therapy saves time and lives

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By Jordan Joachim,

Writer, Group Facilitator


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