What is your best marriage advice

What is the best marriage advice?



What is The Best Marriage Advice?

The most important thing for every marriage

When I got engaged, I enjoyed asking older couples “what is the best marriage advice”? I wanted to make sure my marriage lasted but also enjoyed hearing the variety of answers. Everyone has had a different experience, but one thing is true for us all.

What is your best marriage advice

If someone were to ask you, what is the best marriage advice, how would you answer? You may respond with one of these commonly shared but powerful responses…

  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Patience
  • Loyalty

While all of these are incredible core principles, alone they are not enough to supply you with a happily ever after ending.

Happy Relationship

Focusing on communication helps us to address our needs but also requires that we listen to our partners. Trust gives us permission to live without fear. Honesty keeps us aware of where we are at while simultaneously opening the gate for us to move forward. Patience gives us the opportunity to grow while loyalty is a barrier that allows us to safely do so.

So what is the best marriage advice? All of these principles may create the perfect landscape for a happy marriage, but they will not keep your garden a paradise forever. As any gardener will tell you, landscaping is not easy work. It requires consistent weed pulling, watering, and replacing of nutrients. This brings us to the best marriage advice you can use.

Never Use Cruise Control

We know the principles mentioned before have the ability to help us tremendously in our marriages. Our problem is that once we teach ourselves to apply them, we believe that we no longer have to focus on them. Cruise control is the system in our car that maintains our speed and encourages us to not worry about our pace anymore. That is a major problem.

couple driving
Couple facing each other

Marriage is a constant monitoring of ourselves and partners. Cruise control tells when our speed is set, everything is fine but it is not. We need to adjust with where we are, where our roads turn, and what pace out partners are currently at. As soon as we assume that we no longer need to focus on our marriage, the metaphorical vehicle transporting our love, we are heading for collision. 

Important Tips To Remember

  • Communication is both listening and talking effectively
  • Trust creates a healthy atmosphere without fear
  • Honesty maintains our awareness of the present so we can move into the future
  • Patience gives us time to grow and the ability to understand
  • Loyalty is our hedge of protection
  • Never stop monitoring , adjusting, and correcting our utilization of these principles

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By: Jordan Joachim

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