60 New Year's Resolution Ideas

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In this article, you’ll find a list of some our most impactful New Year’s Resolution Ideas. We’ve also created a great system to help you create your own. Click below if your interested in learning our method to creating the best New Year’s Resolution Ideas or continue reading if you are just looking for some quick and impactful suggestions.

New Year's Resolution Ideas

Setting and sharing a New Year’s Resolution can be exciting. We’ve created a list of some of our most impactful New Year’s Resolution Ideas and put them into various categories. Find the perfect one for you and then share this article with a friend!


New Year's Resolution Ideas Health

Setting a New Year’s Resolution around our health is always a good idea. Our health is extremely important and impacts us in so many ways of our lives.

1.) Commit to a daily diet that allows for regular rewards.

Find a diet that interests and would benefit you. We’ve found that by rewarding ourselves regularly for our hard work, we continue to stay committed. 

2.) Attend the gym or workout from home for several days a week.

This is good for so many reasons. For one, it reduces our chances of negative consequences to our health. It also will raise our self-esteem as we see results.

3.) Take several walks a week around your neighborhood or local trails.

Don’t kid yourself, walking is so good for you. It reduces heart disease, hypertension, and high cholesterol to just name a few.

4.) Commit to a regular workout class such as Boxing, Zumba, or Cycling.

These classes help us meet our cardiovascular goals quickly but also give us an extra social group.

5.) Commit to juicing fruits and veggies daily.

Enhance your immune system while getting nutrients absorbed quickly into your body.

6.) Take needed vitamins and supplements daily.

Taking our needed vitamins makes sure we don’t miss out on anything our body is deficient in. 

7.) Drink water regularly.

Water helps from your skin, to your mood, your performance and so much more!

8.) Get the required amount of sleep daily.

This is just not to keep us  from feeling tired. Our sleep also contributes to muscle recovery, mood, and immunity.

9.) Get up and stretch daily.

This is your sign to get up and stretch. Increase your blood circulation, muscle tension, and flexibility by stretching regularly. 

10.) Work to reduce your salt and sugar intake daily.

Sugar contributes to obesity and diabetes. Salt contributes to high blood pressure and increases our chances of heart attack. Let’s work to reduce them.

Mental Health

Let’s not forget about our mental health. For some reason, it doesn’t get half the attention that our physical does. Congratulations on changing that!

New Year's Resolution Ideas Mental Health

11.) Pray or Meditate daily.

This is more than just a spiritual practice. This gives our brains the opportunity to destress, find peace, and communicate it’s needs. 

12.) Commit to seeing a therapist regularly.

Everyone and I mean everyone can benefit from communicating with a trained professional. Find out how you can now versus later.

13.) Commit to taking medications regularly. 

Whether you never have or never have consistently, give yourself a chance to see how beneficial taking your medication regularly can be.

14.) Tell yourself a positive affirmation every morning.

What better way to start the day than with some encouragement. This will set the tone for the day and soon become an all day habit.

15.) Revaluate your day. Give yourself credit and feedback daily.

Take time to think about the day in a healthy way. Give yourself praise for everything good and think about how to improve what wasn’t.

16.) Journal your thoughts and feelings daily.

There’s something special about putting your thoughts on paper. Become one with your thoughts and witness your growth as you return to them.

17.) Have a sing and dance session several times a week.

Singing and dancing have the power to change our mood, attitude, and perspective. Schedule a session regularly to combat anxiety and depression. 

18.) Practice deep breathing daily.

Focusing on deep breaths aides our circulatory system and grounds us. Utilize this to get yourself to place of peace and proper focus.

19.) Practice self-care regularly. Try things like massages, relaxing in the bath tub, or taking yourself on a date.

Self-care is our personal treat to our mind and body. Treating yourself feels good but also encourages us to keep going.

20.) Be kind to yourself daily.

Refrain from negative self-talk. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Tell yourself why you love yourself daily, especially the times where you don’t believe it.


New Year's Resolution Ideas Relationships

Relationships are a key experience in our lives. Working on our interactions with others and ourselves is a sure way to make this year better. 

21.) Get to know, love, and revaluate yourself daily.

Understanding and loving who we are helps us show others how to love us too. Fall in love with yourself!

22.) Commit to setting healthy boundaries.

If we don’t respect ourselves, others won’t either. Setting boundaries is how we love ourselves and show others too.

23.) Talk to someone new once a week.

A great way to build social skills is to be social. It can be small talk, just find time to talk.

24.) Ask someone how their doing and ask them to explain.

A great way to work on relationships is to become a better listener. Practice this by creating spaces to listen.

25.) Compliment someone daily.

Nothing builds relationships like making others feel better. Compliments are an easy way to do that.

26.) Talk about your feelings regularly, despite how uncomfortable it is.

Suppressing our feelings is bad for mental health. Find people you value and practice expressing yourself.

27.) Spend time with friends or family once a week.

Socializing doesn’t come naturally for everyone. If it’s something we want to get good at, we have to make it a habit.

28.) Commit to calling a friend once a day.

Build relationships and encourage others by just saying hello.

29.) Attend various networking events regularly.

This is a great way to meet new people and create new opportunities. You’d be surprised by how many people are doing the same.

30.) Avoid toxic people at all costs.

Not only will these people ruin your relationship skills but they’ll damage your mental health as well.

Click here to learn about toxic relationship signs.


Good Habits

Let’s start this new year with some positivity. Below you’ll find some New Year’s Resolution Ideas that are sure to become good, no great habits.

New Year's Resolution Ideas Good Habits

31.) Read a book a month.

Entertain yourself while stimulating your brain. Learn and become something new.

32.) Make your bed every morning.

It sounds insignificant but it’s the first win of the day and reveals our discipline. No excuses!

33.) Open the door for a stranger whenever possible.

One of the easiest ways to make someone feel valuable. Do it without wanting a thank you as well.

34.) Smile at someone every day.

Make someone feel better and so will you.

35.) Write a daily gratitude list.

Nothing changes your attitude like gratitude. Making this a daily habit will increase your appreciation for life.

36.) Compliment yourself throughout the day.

Isn’t it nice to get a compliment. Imagine how nice it would be to get this from your worst critic all day.

37.) Find a cause and volunteer regularly. 

Volunteering changes our perspective on what’s important and increases our empathy for others.

38.) Find someone to mentor and guide them regularly.

Give someone your time and guidance, then watch how good you feel inside.

39.) Define one thing you need to complete, complete it, and then discover the next.

Make it a habit to complete the things you start. This is much easier when we give these things our focus.

40.) Maintain your life balance.

Don’t let a goal get in the way of the other positive areas in your life. Be aware and maintain your life balance.

Bad Habits

New Year's Resolution Ideas Bad Habits

Not this year! Let’s end it here. Let’s put an end to those bad habits getting in the way of your growth.

41.) Quit Smoking.

Stopping this bad habit could literally save your life and your wallet.

42.) Quit or reduce drinking.

Save your relationships, self-worth, and change your life by removing this one thing.

43.) Stop putting others down.

You are not making yourself better by putting others down. Your actually bringing yourself down too.

44.) Stop people pleasing.

We think are being kind by this but we are hurting ourselves. Love yourself better!

45.) Commit to saying no.

Sometimes it feels awkward to say it but that’s ok. Boundaries exist for a reason, use them to protect yourself.

46.) Start saying yes.

How many things, opportunities, or relationships have we missed out on? Give yourself a chance and say yes.

47.) Commit to drug free lifestyle.

Drugs lied to us. They don’t make life better, they make it worst. Learn to experience life without altering it.

48.) Stop overspending.

The instant gratification of buying things is hurting your financial future. Stop spending and start saving.

49.) Stop oversleeping.

Sleep is important but needs to be balanced. Don’t miss out on your dreams because you overslept.

50.) Quit beating yourself up.

Want to do better, encourage better. Encourage yourself by lifting yourself up, not tearing yourself down.


New Year's Resolution Ideas Finances

Working on controlling your finances is also a way to build self-control, security in the future, and increase your self-esteem.

51.) Don’t spend any unnecessary money for three months.

This will not only help you save some money, but will open your mind as to how much you need to spend.

52.) Create and maintain a monthly budget.

Control your spending and saving by knowing the number you can afford to do regularly.

53.) Create a three month nest egg.

This is a safety net we have in case of emergency. Have enough money to support yourself for three months.

54.) Open a life insurance plan.

Nothing shows responsibility like being there for your loved ones when you are no longer here.

55.) Start a business.

Increase your income by starting a business. This can be a second form of income or become a primary.

56.) Start Donating or Tithing.

Both spiritual and wealthy people agree, giving doesn’t just make us feel better. It makes us financially better.

57.) Open an investment account.

Start putting your extra money to work. Let it grow while you invest.

58.) Pay off all credit card debt.

Interest from debt is eating away at your finances in the future. Put an end to it now.

59.) Repair your credit.

Credit is important. It’s our financial grade that we can use to get us good rates or special privileges.

60.) Open and contribute regularly to a retirement fund.

Your future self will take you. Do what many later regret, invest in your financial future.

Important Tips To Remember

  • Take care of your body and it will take care of you
  • Your mind needs to be loved
  • Good relationships take practice
  • Good habits take time
  •  Spend less and give more

We’d love to hear from you. Comment your thoughts or feelings below on New Year’s Resolution Ideas. Be a part of our community. If you’re too uncomfortable for that at the moment but would still like to talk, reach out to us at

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