Getting Back Up After Relapse

Getting Back Up

Getting Back Up

Getting Back Up After Relapse or Mistakes

   While I worked at a rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, I had a saying that I loved to use to encourage others after they’ve relapsed. Often times, after relapse, I noticed that people would become depressed and lose their motivation or momentum that they spent so much time developing for their recovery. It’s natural for us to be disappointed with ourselves after making a mistake but we do not want this disappointment to develop into a long lasting attitude. It is important that we adjust our perspective quickly. When I noticed this happening, I would tell that person “try to not be so hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect and everybody falls down, but not everyone gets back up”. When I said this, I made sure to really look into their eyes and place importance on the latter part of that saying, “not everyone gets back up”. This encourages your listener to see the opportunity they have to be one of the few that decide they will be getting back up. It’s important that we realize that everyone makes mistakes and that we are no exception. Knowing this, we should not only account for our future mistakes but also our perception on how we’ll recover and grow from it. I’m big on metaphors and illustrations. So while I love hearing people tell other’s to get back on the horse, I am heartbroken by their failure to follow up with great suggestions on how to do this. Here are a couple tips I’ve created for you on getting back on that figurative horse.


Look at your path for potential pitfalls
Keep an eye out on where you are heading. Are the same things that tripped you up before also ahead? How can we avoid them?
Change horses
Maybe you are heading in the right direction but your method of getting there isn’t the best. There is no shame in changing horses or techniques to one that is better suited for your journey.
Water your horse
You may have a great perspective and method to accomplish your goal but if you are not staying hydrated or well rested, you run the risk of tiring out and giving up. Make sure you are taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health.
If you are looking for more tips on getting back up after relapse or mistakes, reach out to us for a free consultation on how we can help improve your mental health. Help begins with a raised hand but ends with two shaking. We look forward to seeing you this season and helping you Grow Again!
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By Jordan Joachim,

Writer, Student Intern


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